Etiquette for dogs

Golf course Adriatic is a dog friendly golf course for all the dogs that behave according to policies described here. It is allowed to take a dog on a golf course with prior notice, in all periods, except during tournaments. Teammates in "flight" must agree to have a dog with them, otherwise it's not accepted to take the dog on a golf course. 

Dogs are not allowed to be on practice areas, greens, sand bunkers, playing on the lawns around the clubhouse, entering the golf shop, toilets, changing rooms and restaurant.

The owner of a dog must respect certain rules which are as follows:
- The dog must have a valid vet healthy certificate, proof of vaccinations.
- The dog must be trained, at least to show obedience to the command "sit".
- A dog at any time from arrival to departure must be on a leash.
- The dog must be muzzled, if so required by the Regulations on dangerous dogs.
- The owner is required to carry cleaning kit (bag and shovel) and immediately clean surfaces polluted by his dog.
- The owner is responsible for any possible damage.​