• Replace all divots and pitch marks
  • Rake bunkers carefully and replace rakes in the bunker in the direction of play;
  • Do not cross the greens, fringes or tees in a caddy or electric cart;
  • Our greens are seeded with 100% agrostis stolonifera, healthy and beautiful. Prior to the start of the game your shoe soles should be well cleaned not to transfer bio-materials brought from other green areas.


  • Observe and make yourself aware of the correct etiquette on the golf course including the dress code;
  • Follow the instruction by the Rangers;
  • During game of golf, green fee card should be attached to golf bag and placed in visible position.
  • Maximum 4 players per flight;
  • Each player must have his own golf bag;
  • Give way to quicker groups (time limit of four and a half hours);
  • Personal equipment, appliances and other devices need to be approved by officials;
  • It is forbidden to start the game from holes other than Hole 1 (except with the express authorization of the Course Ranger) or playing course without respecting the chronological order of the holes;
  • The round should be played within 4:10 h, no prolongment is permitted except with the express authorization of the Course Ranger; (e.g., searching for balls longer them 3 min.)
  • Driving range balls are not permitted on the course under any circumstances.


All distance markings are to the beginning of the green.
Pin positions:
Flags are in the different colors and represent as follows:

  • RED – front of the green
  • YELLOW – middle of the green
  • WHITE –back of the green

All greens are of depth 30-35 m

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