Golf bar

Visit our golf bar, inhale the fresh air of the Mediterranean near the pine trees and fragrant lavender bushes. Sip fine drinks by the sound of the breeze, or enjoy the green view. Relax with a cocktail and a variety of drinks in the intimate atmosphere of a modernly equipped golf bar. Have a short break to relax in our golf bar with fresh daily sandwiches and exceptional coffee served by smiling waiters.

Banquet hall

The impressive banquet hall located on the first floor of the golf clubhouse and represents a corner of inspiration for every visitor. Wide glass walls characterize the restaurant, where, to guests, at any time of day provides a different picture, from the scene in which the snow on the Alps melts to the Adriatic Sea Outline hills or sunset with a few rays of the setting sun caught in the net of pine ... in fact, it is a place where everyone can find something for himself.

For events, you can enjoy an enogastronomic offer of Istrian and international cuisine. This banquet hall with capacity of 150 seats, is perfect for intimate celebrations and larger ceremonies. It has a dance floor and cocktails can be organized at various external and internal locations, depending on your preferences and weather conditions.

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