These rules of conduct apply to all golfers, their caddies and their guests. Should anyone not be dressed appropriately, he or she will be refused access to the golfing facilities. These include the Golf course, the driving range, chipping and putting greens. The dress code is monitored at all times. All employees of the Golf course Adriatic are authorized to instruct persons not observing the regulations to leave the golf course.

Caps must be worn with the peak at the front. All other customary golfing headwear is acceptable.

Golf shirts
Golf shirts must have a collar, which may be upturned, and sleeves. Men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times. Collarless shirts and T-shirts of all kinds are not permitted.

Long trousers
Blue jeans are not permitted; denim trousers in colors other than blue are acceptable.

Short trousers
Short trousers must be “smart” and should not be more then 10 cm above knee.

Spikes or soft-spike golf shoes only are permitted on the course.

For ladies
Collarless shirts and tops must have sleeves, while sleeveless shirts and tops must have a collar. The neckline should be modest. Please refrain from wearing backless tops. Trousers, Bermuda shorts and golf skirts are permitted.

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